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Red-haired, deaf & student 


Nice that you found my blog. I am someone who wants to know EVERYTHING and likes to question critical topics. I also really like writing. Over time, the thought matured in me to become a blogger alongside my studies. In future, there will always be new topics on the blog. So it pays to check in with me regularly. :-)


Now of course you want to know who I am…. Understandable!

I am Kathi, 27 years old and I am a teacher at the University of Münster. Incidentally, I am deaf, so I have never heard my real own voice in my life. Thanks to modern technology, I can use hearing aids as usual with every conversation, only conversations in group constellations can be a bit difficult for me.


My dog ​​Dante, a GDR sheepdog, has been with me since summer 2018.


He is an extremely loyal and friendly dog. In my childhood I was allowed to get to know a few dog breeds, but not a German Shepherd and certainly not an East German Shepherd, which I affectionately call "Ossi".

In my opinion, these dogs are already a special species.


As a puppy, Dante turned my whole daily rhythm upside down. I didn't regret buying my own dog for a second. For me, Dante is the most wonderful dog I've ever been able to meet. In my blog you will learn a lot about dogs and other lifestyle topics. And now we hope you enjoy browsing. If you have any questions, please send me an email, but we would also be happy to receive feedback.


Have fun

                        Dante & Kathi